Our Services


Find, evaluate, audit and recommend the best sources to manufacture your products

Research and manage international trade and regulatory compliance for your products


Develop and manage commercial supply chains from product source to end user

Assist with oversees investment in Chinese or Australian projects or industries

Source, procure, and manage ongoing manufacture of products in Greater China

Establish and manage channels for export of your products or services into Chinese & Asian markets

Research and report on new products, markets, processes and trends relevant to your industry

Oversee your presence on Chinese web and social media and manage SEO for Baidu

Establish export distribution channels for Australian product in Chinese-speaking markets

Liaison and negotiation between Chinese and English-speaking partners, clients or suppliers

Represent clients at supplier facilities, trade shows or industry events

Minimise risk, ensure quality, & maximise your opportunities for successful trade

Orient Partners: Find your way in China

Who we are

Lewis Jones
BA, University of Sydney

Lewis speaks Mandarin, having studied at university and in-country in Taiwan.  He has lived and worked overseas for four years  in China and Taiwan, gaining unique experience in sourcing, procurement and business development. Lewis has worked in Chinese-speaking offices, with Chinese engineers and inside Chinese factories. He has a current and practical working knowledge of Chinese business practices. Most importantly, Lewis has developed extensive networks of contacts, including manufacturers, distributors, and key service providers in China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Korea.

William Lyons
BSc, Hons, University of New South Wales

William Lyons is a management consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the corporate sector.  He has consulted for some of Australia’s largest businesses in commercial procurement, strategy development and B2B negotiations.  William’s particular talent is strategic market analysis and developing innovative ways to streamline business operations. This experience will allow your operation to maximise procurement outcomes and improve your bottom line.

Li Jiawen
Bachelor of Finance, Australian National University

Li Jiawen undertook an Australian National University internship at Orient Partners in 2016. Following the excellent contributions she made then, Li Jiawen was asked to join the Orient Partners team in 2017. Having completed her Bachelor of Finance she is now Sales & Marketing Manager, focusing on China exports and digital marketing. She is fluent in Chinese, Japanese and English and has an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market, e-commerce trends and online marketing.

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